World of Warcraft players feel sick function Pullled

World of Warcraft seemingly foolproof developer has announced that they are removed from the following players in the game, which is caused by the recent increase in the function of one of the diseases reported. Dominating the ten years of the World of Warcraft MMORPG space is still the most successful of our time and one of the games most played MMORPG.

However, it seems even Blizzard are not immune to the odd fumble. A cam action has been completely removed from the game according to the team’s official job site. There are plans to re-express the hope that this function back into the game at some point, but the first thing is the team to consider the cause of motion sickness headache. Shortly after the issue was first released, there is a constant flow V7.0 symptoms players report updates.

Lenovo also announced today that movie, World of Warcraft, will be available for digital download on September 13

Studio a bit crazy: speed massively multiplayer online racing game world

It was a beautiful day, sunny and clear and warm. Part of him wanted to be outside with his new horse, whom he had named Invincible—the same foal he had seen being born on that bitter winter day two years ago. Maybe he’d do that later. But for now, his footsteps took him to the armory, where he and Varian had sparred and Varian had embarrassed him. The slight was unintended, to be sure, but it stung all the same.

Slightly mad studios, video games for their racing pedigree famous developer, today launched the speed, AAA massively multiplayer online arcade racing game world. The world’s high-speed computers will be free to play experience in 2014.
Speed ​​world, players from the car on the planet’s fastest super sports car is the most representative city run every day, from the legendary garage endless jump seat throughout history. Players will find themselves in a real-to-life racing games around the world, only one speed on the track geek can dream, from the moment in different cities, including London and San Francisco on the road.
The “heart of the world is that society contains a vibrant, unique massively multiplayer online experience speed racing game in a new way the element of competition – from the individual to the team level,” Ian Bell, Chief Executives say : a little crazy studio. “Speed ​​is an online game in the world, we will continue to support post-market innovation and new content to remain competitive good.”
Screenshot Speed ​​World
World high-speed connection to introduce competition allows players a new level, intense club and team games, social centers, at the airport, and interactive social games in every game so that each player’s actions are very important and unique mission and goals in real time . As an online experience, the speed of the world will live event and players challenges, new game modes, tracks and cars, as well as more support.
Speed ​​world will enter beta in the spring of 2014 to learn more about the pace of the world, and have the opportunity to play fast-paced action beta, please visit and log in.
About a little crazy a little crazy studio Studio Limited is an independent, award-winning developer Electronic Arts recently called ‘Need for Speed ​​franchise a smooth transition and a series of work. The company has located in Tower Bridge in central London studios, but mainly with a unique distributed development system that allows the team to attract worldwide talent, cost-effectiveness and ultra-efficient.

MMORTS Tribal Warfare 2 Release resource deposit

World of WarCraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King “Sorry.” Varian grinned at him, and Arthas reluctantly gave a small smile back. Although their first meeting had been laced with grief and awkwardness, Arthas had discovered that Varian had a strong spirit and a generally optimistic outlook. “I just wonder why your father didn’t do the same for you.”

Tribal village view WAR2 InnoGames companies continue to introduce new features to the popular resource deposit MMORTS Tribal War 2. In these deposits, the player to get more resources to run errands. They can choose from six different quality of their errands and modify every six hours. Complete errands rewarded with extra iron, clay or wood. Players can 250,2000 and resources to achieve milestones 10,000 collected. After each milestone will give them extra valuable reward. These may be military units, such as swordsmen, archers or light cavalry. However, if they are lucky, the return may be a powerful resource upgrade, even grandmaster, who can raise ten percent of the entire attack. Thus, active players have a good chance to accelerate the growth of which century empire.

In the tribal war 2, players find themselves in a small village, the leader among the medieval world. Responsible for planting and expansion of the war-torn landscape in their empire, they are fighting for survival. In the online game is focused on real-time, with a strategic campaign against other players. The purpose of this game is to serve as a cross-platform browser and mobile games, the player using the same account, but also encountered the same game world, the same opponents and allies. The game is released for the browser and Android; iOS applications will follow in the coming months.

TERA become popular MMORPG in open steam

Brightmane began to struggle to her feet. Arthas leaped to his own and pressed back against the wooden walls of the stable so the great animal could turn around without crushing him. Mother and newborn sniffed each other, then Brightmane grunted and began to bathe her son with her long tongue.

TERA, free from collective entertainment, launched on Steam on May 5 to play MMORPG. For those of you keeping score, this is just a trivial 12 days ago. Although in this short time, TERA has become the number one most available in digital distribution business Views MMORPG.

According to the steam charts, TERA product compared to any other MMORPG steam has the largest maximum number of concurrent users. Since the launcing steaming pot, TERA has passed the 4.5 million mark for the account in North America and 200,000 accounts worldwide milestone.

“Collective Entertainment would like to thank our loyal and enthusiastic TERA community,” said Patrick Day, TERA producer said. “Their support and feedback to help TERA continues to kick ass. We also want to thank and welcome our new players TERA growing steam community. With a focus on accuracy, positioning and timing, TERA continues to provide a true action combat experience MMO fans and more than ever following its successful launch of the steam is easier. ”

This decomposition into some very impressive numbers, for example, an average of 70,000 dungeon is cleared 6000000 big ass monsters are killed every day! View the latest information published charts more interesting statistics.

Path of exile: Awakening BETA “in early on the track”


In the latest test report exiled path: Awakening is a little less pleasant than the previous document, but still contains some optimistic players anxiously await new content drop.

First, the bad news: As the designer Carl said, “The possibility of the late June launch of the very small, at this point,” and the beginning of July is the new target. In addition, some of the players to be used repeatedly collapse for their own personal interests, it has been removed from the beta. “But not in the Beta test crash, okay?” You may ask. As De Weise said:

“While we appreciate the collapse was discovered, we do not need a lot of people see it logs. Repeated ongoing collapse is unhealthy server (also running Live realm), and use these crashes to economic interests. Another confusion with our ability properly evaluate all aspects of the BETA. ”

On the positive side, more testing servers and uncertainties lock-step system has been very good to undertake a large number of people coming for the first time tests. In addition, Diviniation card submission page is now active, allowing Highgate supporters to submit their designs, and to resolve outstanding issues before the wait release only 698. This is the road of exile, we can be sure of them 697 is not “we can add cash shop?”

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