How to realize in wildstar amp

Part of the AMPS system, the manufacturer of wildstar action game (default B) at level sixth, you can open the A A scale. You can find your tag along the skills. Making this function allows you to obtain the statistical characteristics and improved more. Your character to win the maximum level in the ampere level, your point of view. Character a little bit level had 45 ampere. At ten fifty, you can get more expenditure elders gem ampere
Once you open tab 6 ampere amperes beating, support and practical, the A / S hybrid, hybrid S / U / U, divided into three circles, representing each part reflects the level of the style of the game players and attack…… To provide more products to support some dealers, the most basic, therapists and tanks, fighting the most basic tools to jcj, or mixed /; / S; S / U attempts to connect to support the attack and practical products.
Therefore, how to obtain the ampere?
Return and completely random of all classes, but the level depends on the element personaje.amp can be drawn randomly dropped world, reward task, reward the recovery box to complete the final os.jefes supplies desaf dungeon have the opportunity to release the unlock the ampere. Some PVP release the object products available in the PVP supplier thayd / iliac price 50 ~ 175 prestige. Product packaging recycling PVP also have the opportunity to open include ampere. You can buy unlock / amplifier (do not charge sales) of commodity exchange.