The WOW culture of Delaney and Blood Elf in Reality

Delaney is India and Byzantium. Everybody knows about Indian. In my oppinion, the Russia of Delaney is Byzantium and Carla is Constantinople. For the following reasons: first, Delaney is Argus.WOW Gold inherited the ancient tradition of Naru, which alluded the divison of Rome. The west Rome was destroyed by Gemans. The easte Rome is Byzantine which inherits the name of Roman and Christian. It is obvious that Delaney escaped from Agus to Draenor. Agus was occupied by Agus and then became its stronghold which exactly retelling the story of German occupied west Roman. Then they established capital called Constantinople(cara) which became their economical center. Carla is the dstination of a devout Muslim polgrimage, just like Constantinople. That point was mentioned in Shadowmoon Valley. But later it was destroyed by Islamic. And then the Islamician established Islamabad here(black temple) and changed the Sophia cathedral to Mosque worship.( that mean the holy land became a center worshiped by heresies ). The destroyed ester Rome was divided into two parts. One was islamisaionized(the people here was contaminated and became Broken who lose its holy light). The other part fleed to Stavic who was the heir of Roman( Delaney spaceship crashed in Azeroth and joined Alliance). If Delaney has the background of Russian, the the 6.0 is ‘eastern front add Joan.

The Blood Elves

There is no doubt that the blood elve is french. It is narcissism (like look in mirror). it also desires for enjoyment.. thoes are Anglo-Saxon cultural stereotypes of the french. Blizzard as a Amerian company also cannot avoid reality. Especially the self-reliance superior language, maybe you will have a good understand ,if you have stayed several days in the United States or Europe. For example, the blood of pure/high precision leader called the sun king.

A Beautiful Sad Love Story of WOW

Balons Alekston came to Draenor by portal to assist the commander in building a fortrees. In the long time ago, he once participated in reconstrcting Stomwind as a member of Mason Association. At that tiem, the greedy nobility caught up the project payment of the masons, for which the Edwin Vancleef ran away. And some masons followed him became bandits in the western wilderness death mine. However, Balons Alekston had not joined with Vancleef, he continued to work for Stormwind. Then he became a architect of Stormwind form a small mason.
As for Lieutenant, there are a few stories about her. It is said that she had been to Pandaren. These, though, do not be known by most of Barons people. When he saw her first time, he was attracted by her maturity and slender body. Coincidentally, this Gilneas girl was also attracted to him. A few months before arrived in Draenor, both they were busy working. Addition to, both they were very shy and had not any romantic help, so their love had been no results.
One day, Balon summoned up courage and was ready to confess his feelings for her. As the commanders of fortress, the players were natural to fulfill their love. He please the players pick Azeroth roses for him which is Lerutenant’s favorite flower. He had been toiling in the fort, even did not know where to find his kind of flower.
The players picked some roses in fortress flower beds. Unfortunately, Burning Blade Clan had invaded the fortress when we returned to the town hall. What the players needed to do is to remove all the Burning Blade Clan.
After the Burning Blade Clan was cleared, the players was attacked by more enemies. What’s more, the assassin suddenly attacked Lieutenant. Balon prtected her at the cost of his life under that suddent attack. Tears can not save the lover’s life. The heartbroken Lieutenant then became a wolf forever.
The rose become the final obstacle of lovers.WOW Gold is pity that the lover has been gone forever. I wish that the tragedy won’t repeat itself. Happy valentine’s day to everyone.

The Famous Battle of wildstar


The battle of Lordaeron
The offense (failure): the tribe of Ogrim
The defender (victory): Union

Under the leader of Ogrim, they finally reached the capital of Lordaeron. Before wildstar gold they had fight with Union in southern town, Arath highlands and Salas. Lordaeron is the last barrier of eastern alliance, once the fall of the city, the alliance will completely be horde defeat. At that moment, the tribe was very powerful. Outside, they had reinforcements from ogres and trolls. Inner, they had dragon knight trained by dragonmaw. Addition to, they had an orc army. The strength of the tribe was unstoppable. Unfortunately, they failed in the end. The fatal reason is that Gul Dan took a half of cemetery to find Sargeras which led the army got badly strung. Union seized the favorable opportunity and then launched a counterattack. Finally, they lost the battle at the foot of Black Stone Mountain.

The Defensive War of Dumholde

The offense (failure): Scourge
The defender (victory): the Union led by Arthas

Curse sect in Lordaeron missionary finally got the result. A considerable number of undead armies built up. Their goal was to attack Stratholme and Firplace Valley. However, when they heard that Ma Dui castle was about to be attacked by undead, they resolutely decided to send Jaina to find Knights and Uther. Scourge had its own unique set of tactics. They gave out the variation of grain to the round farms when they attacked the prince’s team which made a lot of villagers died. This makes the strength gap between both sides of get more and more large. This is the first time that prince felt despair for war. Unfortunately, Uther and Jaina arrived on time, which made Shall have to retreat. The prince hate on the plague very much. Later he decided to purify the victims of the disasters.

WoW Gold Making Guide for Newbies


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