SprintR device will let you walk, run and jump in VR

VR is best as a seated experience but it’s not being sold as that to gamers. We’ve all watched promotional videos of people jumping around. If you want to run and jump with a headset strapped to your face, chances are you’ll fall over unless you’ve shelled out for some serious hardware such as the Cyberith Virtualizer or Omni.

Exis Interactive think they may the solution in the form of the SprintR, a foot pedal device which they say will let you easily walk, run, and jump in VR.

“SprintR is all about easy, natural movement in VR. On one hand you have VR controllers that require an entire room cleared of furniture, or massive treadmills that require a harness and special shoes, and on the other hand you have SprintR, which sits at your feet and makes movement simple”, says Peter Kojesta, founder of Exis.
The SprintR looks like a sleeker version of the Stinky Board which we reviewed back in 2013. The Stinky Board was a decent piece of kit depending on what you were trying to use it for.

Having fallen over in VR many times, become motion sick and generally hard a hard time controlling some games, the idea behind the SprintR is a sound one. It may not appeal to all VR users due to the fact it’s designed for the seated VR experience but it could prove very useful for some games.

Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PC, no-one surprised

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have finally been allowed by Microsoft to admit that, yes, Rise of the Tomb Raider will definitely be coming to the PC.

We all already knew this from about five minutes after the Xbox One “exclusive” was announced at E3 2014, when all questions about other platforms were met with responses amounting to “look over there!” and disappearing footsteps. But now it’s official and stuff, so that’s nice.

The PC will be getting Lara’s latest outing early in 2016. Here’s the precise wording from the announcement: “will be available for Steam and Windows 10 PC in early 2016.” I’m fairly sure that doesn’t mean it’s some stupid Windows 10 exclusive (the “and” makes it feel quite safe.)

All of the previous pussyfooting around whether the game would come to PC (it was always going to) looks a bit silly now, doesn’t it?

Lara’s latest jaunt will take her off to Siberia, where she’s searching for “the secret of immortality” before some dodgy organisation called The Trinity finds it first. By the looks of things, Rise of the Tomb Raider will have a bit more of the actual tomb raiding aspect than the initial 2013 Tomb Raider ‘reboot.’

Here’s one of the more recent Rise of the Tomb Raider videos, from Microsoft’s press event at E3 2015.