The Famous Battle of WOW


Under the leader of Ogrim, they finally reached the capital of Lordaeron. Before WOW Gold they had fight with Union in southern town, Arath highlands and Salas. Lordaeron is the last barrier of eastern alliance, once the fall of the city, the alliance will completely be horde defeat. At that moment, the tribe was very powerful. Outside, they had reinforcements from ogres and trolls. Inner, they had dragon knight trained by dragonmaw. Addition to, they had an orc army. The strength of the tribe was unstoppable. Unfortunately, they failed in the end. The fatal reason is that Gul Dan took a half of cemetery to find Sargeras which led the army got badly strung. Union seized the favorable opportunity and then launched a counterattack. Finally, they lost the battle at the foot of Black Stone Mountain.

The Defensive War of Dumholde

The offense (failure): Scourge
The defender (victory): the Union led by Arthas

Curse sect in Lordaeron missionary finally got the result. A considerable number of undead armies built up. Their goal was to attack Stratholme and Firplace Valley. However, when they heard that Ma Dui castle was about to be attacked by undead, they resolutely decided to send Jaina to find Knights and Uther. Scourge had its own unique set of tactics. They gave out the variation of grain to the round farms when they attacked the prince’s team which made a lot of villagers died. This makes the strength gap between both sides of get more and more large. This is the first time that prince felt despair for war. Unfortunately, Uther and Jaina arrived on time, which made Shall have to retreat. The prince hate on the plague very much. Later he decided to purify the victims of the disasters.

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