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It’s a big day for all diablo 3 players! The first Diablo III Seasons test has begins today. To create a Seasonal hero, players can check the “Seasonal Hero” box located below the class selection list. In fact, the recent days are all exciting days for d3 players because the patch 2.1.0 has broght players a great number changes in game. Now to celebrate all these updates in Diablo 3, Diablo 3 offers players a free 10% off code for amazingly safe diablo 3 items.

Diablo 3 first Seasons testing kicks off today.

The longing Diablo 3 Seasons test kicks off today. Over thr course of patch 2.1.0 PTR, Blizzard periodically ended a Season to test the rollover process and ensured that Seasonal Character data migrates correctly. Then today, players eventually get the chance to check the Seasonal Hero box to choose the class from the selection list. If people lack of diablo 3 gold to play, they can head to diablo3star to buy all diablo 3 items with coupon “DD10OFF” 10% off.

2-handed Weapons buffed in Patch 2.1.0.

Apart from the changes updated in the 2.1.0 patch note, now a new PTR buffs 2-handed weapons and resets the Leaderboards. The base damage will be increased for all 2-handed melee weapons by 23-26% across the board and will retroactively apply to weapons already in the game. Meanwhile, the developers also have other changes planned for a later PTR patch, which will fix the channeling cost of some Wizard skills.

Details of the two-handed weapon damage buff.

The damage is increasing 23-26% across the board along with a damage reduction in the Crusader passive skill Heavenly Strength. This will give a very slight buff to the damage for Crusaders wielding two-handed weapons while making the weapons more useful for other classes. As seen when looking at the most popular Barbarian weapons or Wizard weapons, currently the non-Crusader classes rarely use 2-hand weapons; hopefully this change will make them more appealing.