Path of exile: Awakening BETA “in early on the track”


In the latest test report exiled path: Awakening is a little less pleasant than the previous document, but still contains some optimistic players anxiously await new content drop.

First, the bad news: As the designer Carl said, “The possibility of the late June launch of the very small, at this point,” and the beginning of July is the new target. In addition, some of the players to be used repeatedly collapse for their own personal interests, it has been removed from the beta. “But not in the Beta test crash, okay?” You may ask. As De Weise said:

“While we appreciate the collapse was discovered, we do not need a lot of people see it logs. Repeated ongoing collapse is unhealthy server (also running Live realm), and use these crashes to economic interests. Another confusion with our ability properly evaluate all aspects of the BETA. ”

On the positive side, more testing servers and uncertainties lock-step system has been very good to undertake a large number of people coming for the first time tests. In addition, Diviniation card submission page is now active, allowing Highgate supporters to submit their designs, and to resolve outstanding issues before the wait release only 698. This is the road of exile, we can be sure of them 697 is not “we can add cash shop?”