World of Warcraft players feel sick function Pullled

World of Warcraft seemingly foolproof developer has announced that they are removed from the following players in the game, which is caused by the recent increase in the function of one of the diseases reported. Dominating the ten years of the World of Warcraft MMORPG space is still the most successful of our time and one of the games most played MMORPG.

However, it seems even Blizzard are not immune to the odd fumble. A cam action has been completely removed from the game according to the team’s official job site. There are plans to re-express the hope that this function back into the game at some point, but the first thing is the team to consider the cause of motion sickness headache. Shortly after the issue was first released, there is a constant flow V7.0 symptoms players report updates.

Lenovo also announced today that movie, World of Warcraft, will be available for digital download on September 13

Player Content Set To Expand The World Of RuneScape


Award-winning developers Jagex today announced that the first of a series of planned updates has arrived for RuneScape, introducing vast amounts of player created content as a result of the RuneLabs initiative. Initially launching in January of this year, RuneLabs is an exciting platform that allows players to create, share and suggest new ideas for the world of RuneScape and lobby support from the wider community before seeing a final vote cast.

Each month Jagex are going to provide the community with different criteria to use as guidance when suggesting different types of content. Since its release in January the RuneLabs incentive has seen a massive response from the community with over 35,000 ideas put forward to the development team, prompting a response with over 290,000 votes cast on the ideas put forward.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the quality and range of concepts that our players have put forward. We’ve seen small quality of life hotfixes suggested, quests with elaborate storylines and brand new skills such as Necromancy and Sailing. The community has always been at the forefront of everything we do, but now RuneLabs gives them a much greater voice in the developmental process. It’s taken a while to process all the suggestions, but now we’re starting to see the first results of the votes which were cast at the beginning of the year. As RuneLabs continues to grow, we’re hoping to see bigger and better ideas which will allow the players to shape greater areas of the game that they love.”
David Osborne, Design Director Of RuneScape
The first of the ideas that will be implemented will be added in two different parts. The Slayer Belt item released last week, allowing players to be more efficient in the Slayer skill. Following that update will be two new types of Dragon, Rune and Adamant armor in-game providing a tougher monster to hunt alongside new crafting materials and cosmetic items.


15 GB Patch For The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Infuriates Console Community


Fans looking to dive into the recently released online world of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on the PlayStation 4 were left disappointed today following a scheduled update that presented a somewhat unexpected and rather large problem. The size of that problem? A huge 15 GB patch that appears to address very little other than a few bugs and basic surface problems with elements such as the user interface and various loading screen issues.

The official patch notes provides a detailed list of the changes made but as many users explained on the forums, the size of the patch notes didn’t seem fitting for such a massive sized patch. It’s completely possible that the developers have introduced elements in the patch to path way for future updates but didn’t necessarily feel it suitable to include such details in the official notes. Either way, it’s clear that the console community is still far from understanding of the development cycle that PC users have been familiar with for years.

Yeah seriously how often are they gonna expect me to download 15 gigs? And could it at least have started the download itself and not waited until i tried to login?

Yeah. I just happened to finish installing Planetside 2 so i had to close this game to install the update file on that one while i waited. Then i login and it tells me to update and I see 15 gb. That means to me that they literally have us downloading the entire original patch with changes rather than addendum’s.

It would be nicer if it took advantage of the 160+Mbps Fibre Broadband I paid for rather than the measly 3-4 I’m downloading right now

Some other users pointed out that the real problem behind the patch is the lack of reliability of the servers hosting the files as some reported downloads as slow as 200 KB/s on much faster connection speeds.

Have you tried to enter The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on PS4 today? Do you feel people are complaining over nothing or is this a real cause for concern for a company that some claim have placed all their eggs in the console basket?