Runescape Improved Bugs And Tweaks at ZYY

Once again, time for us to reveal the improvements of Runescape Gold . Many of the fixes and tweaks have been implemented. You may not feel it through your gameplay sometimes. But the following features are updated right now. See what’s new this week.

A list has been added to the aquarium bathysphere to allow players to track their fish eggs and prawnball count. Players who have reset their aquarium with a plug can now visit the prawnbroker to activate an animation override for bare-handed fishing. Resetting once will unlock silver-colored fish and resetting twice will give gold-colored fish when catching them bare-handed. This affects tuna, swordfish, shark and great white shark.

Bare-handed catching the above fish will now use an updated model, with the default colours when they are caught. Certain prawn ball items have been made tradeable on the Grand Exchanges, and can now be sold to shops.

Ironman players can now use regular and golden prawn crackers on the prawnbroker in their Player-Owned House to open the crackers and earn the reward inside. Signs of the porter will now correctly transport raw great white sharks to the bank while fishing.

The Mage of Zamorak in the Wilderness will no longer allow players to be teleported while carrying warband supplies. Players can no longer activate the wicked hood inside Barbarian Assault games. Skill lamp cash-out values have been made consistent with prismatic lamp values on Treasure Hunter.

Others, using an Orb of Oculus before entering a dungeon no longer breaks the camera during Dungeoneering. An issue that was preventing players from being able to use the Wilderness lodestone via the World Map has been fixed. Players can now teleport to the Prifddinas lodestone via both the Runescape Surface and Prifddinas world maps.