Studio a bit crazy: speed massively multiplayer online racing game world

It was a beautiful day, sunny and clear and warm. Part of him wanted to be outside with his new horse, whom he had named Invincible—the same foal he had seen being born on that bitter winter day two years ago. Maybe he’d do that later. But for now, his footsteps took him to the armory, where he and Varian had sparred and Varian had embarrassed him. The slight was unintended, to be sure, but it stung all the same.

Slightly mad studios, video games for their racing pedigree famous developer, today launched the speed, AAA massively multiplayer online arcade racing game world. The world’s high-speed computers will be free to play experience in 2014.
Speed ​​world, players from the car on the planet’s fastest super sports car is the most representative city run every day, from the legendary garage endless jump seat throughout history. Players will find themselves in a real-to-life racing games around the world, only one speed on the track geek can dream, from the moment in different cities, including London and San Francisco on the road.
The “heart of the world is that society contains a vibrant, unique massively multiplayer online experience speed racing game in a new way the element of competition – from the individual to the team level,” Ian Bell, Chief Executives say : a little crazy studio. “Speed ​​is an online game in the world, we will continue to support post-market innovation and new content to remain competitive good.”
Screenshot Speed ​​World
World high-speed connection to introduce competition allows players a new level, intense club and team games, social centers, at the airport, and interactive social games in every game so that each player’s actions are very important and unique mission and goals in real time . As an online experience, the speed of the world will live event and players challenges, new game modes, tracks and cars, as well as more support.
Speed ​​world will enter beta in the spring of 2014 to learn more about the pace of the world, and have the opportunity to play fast-paced action beta, please visit and log in.
About a little crazy a little crazy studio Studio Limited is an independent, award-winning developer Electronic Arts recently called ‘Need for Speed ​​franchise a smooth transition and a series of work. The company has located in Tower Bridge in central London studios, but mainly with a unique distributed development system that allows the team to attract worldwide talent, cost-effectiveness and ultra-efficient.