Blizzard introduces a new expansion in Germany

In this positive cycle for the game, Blizzard introduces a new expansion in Germany: Reaper of Souls. As apparent, this new project is “more”: New storyline,wow gold ideal new class, new enemies, new items, new skills to present classes, new level cap (70), new scenarios… But that is only apparent. Basically, Reaper of Souls promises to delve into the changes needed to bring the game to place their most dedicated fans want, modifying essential in collecting objects and providing attractive developments that will surely earn a few nods approvingly by the community.

The story, told in another great cinematic trailer, will be the main antagonist so far gone Malthael, formerly known as the Archangel of Wisdom until he left the council. No one knew what had become of Tyrael predecessor, but his return, now embodying the aspect of death, represents calamity, especially when you take by force what remains of the essence of Diablo. As much as the Monks partly occupied its place, nothing like wearing good armor and a large shield to actually feel able to stop a tank dry demonic forces. The description of the new class is what you would expect, a character specializing in areas of effect, able to strengthen and protect their partners or weaken the forces of evil with his mere presence. Besides his shield, can carry a sword, a hammer or mallet star.

An interesting if a little accessory this expansion promises to be “darker”. Both in its plot and overall aesthetics. All that followed the long development of Diablo III recall the controversy sure what brightly colored graphics that were their contrast to the darkness of the first two parts. Reaper of Souls will Westmarch city scenes and the dark realm of Pandemonium, where Diablo once had its strength, so Blizzard has been inspired by the aesthetics and Gothic architecture to create a more dismal, dark, far from the resonant structures heavenly or natural brilliance Caldeum architecture as part of the original game. In addition, as part of the bleak landscape, there will be new dungeons in the highest levels called “Loot Run” maximum content of 15-20 minutes long and completely random which will serve to give more life to our progression as a player of 70.

But the point of greatest interest in the progression will be referred to a collection system rethought object, following the principle of fewer but more powerful objects, different, combining that with a new distribution. Profound changes will be part of a new system called simply “Loot 2.0″. A clear example was featured in the conference presentation of the game: “in Act III could find common objects 256, 399 blue, 275 yellow and one legendary”, while Reaper of Souls “can find common 73, 266 blue, 83 yellow and 6 legendary “. The key will be profoundly change what they can do with your character objects, introducing greater quantities class of equipment that can alter the way you play with your character, this means there will be more weapons and items that will alter how certain specific powers, improving them and making them different.